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  • Jim Contardi – President and CEO
  • Paul Brosnahan, AIA, CSI, CCS – Vice President, Specifications
  • Michael J. King, FCSI, CCS – Vice President, Strategic Projects
  • Angelica Matinkhah, Assoc. AIA, CSI – Vice President, Marketing and Sales



ARCOM is recognized as the leading master specification provider in the U.S. Trusted by design and building professionals for decades, ARCOM serves an estimated 60,000 design professionals in all 50 states and more than 25 countries.

ARCOM understands that design professionals need to create accurate, high-quality, comprehensive specifications for their construction projects. To meet this need, ARCOM provides pre-written master guide specifications, which are thoroughly researched and written by its team of specification experts, helping to limit costly change orders. Coordination checklists are also provided to help users ensure that the specification sections are coordinated with each other and with the drawings.

ARCOM also recognizes the time pressure of design professionals to produce specifications as quickly and accurately as possible. ARCOM's advanced specification productivity software tools meet this need by simplifying specification creation, editing, formatting, and use. These tools are intuitive to use and automate repetitive tasks, thereby saving time in producing complete construction specifications.

ARCOM knows that design professionals also need product information as they are creating their specifications. To minimize the time researching products, ARCOM provides extensive product and manufacturer information through its cloud-based resources and customized manufacturer specifications. ARCOM's specifications include links to manufacturers and their products that meet the specification requirements. Design professionals have access to this information at their fingertips - when it matters most. Every day over 4,000 specifiers access this product/manufacturer information.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, ARCOM’s management team are professional architects, engineers, and software developers with combined experience of more than 150 years. ARCOM employs more than 45 full-time professionals, including some of the most innovative software developers in the industry who leverage the expertise of ARCOM’s highly experienced specification writers.



MasterSpec Specifications

ARCOM publishes the MasterSpec specification system, currently celebrating 45 years, for The American Institute of Architects (AIA). It is used by 85% of the top architects and engineers in the U.S. for building projects. MasterSpec features more than 850 specification sections organized into 14 libraries. Rigorously reviewed by top specification experts, MasterSpec is updated regularly to address ongoing industry changes. All specifications conform to industry standards published by The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)

SpecText Specifications

ARCOM publishes the SpecText specification system for infrastructure projects, and is the only specification system available for water and wastewater engineering. SpecText features more than 600 specification sections organized into 12 libraries. SpecText is written by ARCOM professional engineers and specification experts and updated regularly to address ongoing industry changes. All specifications conform to industry standards published by The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

SpecBuilder and Masterworks Specification Software

Altarix, working on a database of MasterSpec specifications, provides a powerful question-and-answer wizard that quickly guides design professionals through the selection of products and materials specific to their projects. Based on answers, Altarix adds, deletes, and modifies text, intelligently editing each MasterSpec specification section to fit project needs. Project management tools and reports save time by helping track and manage projects efficiently. Masterworks, a Microsoft Word plug-in, uses custom tools and wizards to simplify specification production by repetitive tasks. Global editing and formatting tools quickly and easily assist in creating a consistent specification format, headers and footers, and a table of contents. Checklist and reporting tools make assembling the project manual quick and easy.

Manufacturer Resources

ARCOM provides manufacturer and product information the thousands of products specified in its specifications. Because this information is stored in a cloud-based database ARCOM can quickly make changes and updates, thereby ensuring that users have the latest and most accurate information. ARCOM also provides manufacturer versions of MasterSpec and SpecText, which are customized by ARCOM for a manufacturer's products. These manufacturer specifications make design professionals more efficient when they want a specification for a specific manufactured product.

Active ICIS Members

  • Christopher G. Bushnell, AIA, FCSI, CCS (Current ICIS President)
  • Michael J. King, FCSI, CCS (Past ICIS President)
  • Paul Brosnahan, AIA, CSI, CCS